Kola Awokunle Oladayo

Kola Awokunle Oladayo

Kola Awokunle Oladayo was born on 15th of May 1973. He attended St. Bernard primary school in Ile0Ife and later went to St. David's Grammar School in Ife too.

In his early secondary school he started having interest in drawing some still life drawing, he later moved closer to one great artist called Emmanuel Ogunwole and from there he started doing some painting, until he trained under Mr. (Chief) Soji Adeforinji in Ile-Ife.

He has various types of art work which he knows very well, such as:

  • Painting on canvas
  • Batic on cloth
  • Water colour
  • Drawing from the back
  • Paintin on paper
  • Batic on rice paper
  • Oil mixed media

He basically paints on cavas and batic on rice paper which he has some technique added to his painting to make his works different from others. He has collected some commission work from Eko Hotel outlet, Ministry of Works and Housing and Bureau of Public Enterprises in Abuja, Nigeria.

He has participated in some solo exhibition here in Nigeria:

  • British high commission, Abuja
  • Port Harcourt Shell Camp
  • Bureau of Public Enterprises
  • I.I.T.A Ibadan

And he has attended many group exhibitions and many personal collectors. He has supplied many galleries in Nigeria and abroad.

From his point of observation he believes the sky is the limit.


Painting is a gift from God, with development of an idea and living environment. An Artist always thinks of what to put down for people to know one's environment, and usually believe in treating of colors to the extent of interest of my collectors.

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